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Butler Manufacturing’s MR-24 Roof System

Butler MR-24: Proven Building Quality

As your local Butler Builder, Siwek Construction has gained valuable experience building with Butler Manufacturing products. Butler products make it easy for a Design/Build or General Contractor like ourselves: the products behind the name are industry leaders and lead to lower cost-of-operation, much higher reliability, and a surprisingly diverse range of aesthetic capabilities for the building design. One of the flagship Butler Systems is the MR-24 Roof System, a metal roof industry leader for over 40 years.

The Cohesive, Waterproof, Butler MR-24 System

The MR-24 Roof System is just that: a system of parts that work together seamlessly to provide the effect of a single, monolithic structure on your building, but with the adaptability to conditions that a system offers.

Precision Engineering

The MR-24 System utilizes structural members and roof panels that are factory punched. This ensures a precisely aligned system, adds durability to the roof, and allows adaptation to temperature fluctuations. Siwek Construction has projects throughout the notoriously tempestuous Midwest, so that durability and adaptability to climate changes is a key component for us in our goal to build the highest quality product possible.

The Pittsburgh Double-Lock Seam: 360 degrees of protection

Most other roof systems rely on a crimped or snap on seam between panels. No other system utilizes a 360 degree seam. The Butler MR-24 uses a seam that is completed in the field, with the final 180 degrees rolled over with a portable seaming machine. The resultant “Double-Locked” seam is the same type of seal used on automotive gas tanks, oil drums, and beverage cans. The Pittsburgh Double-Lock Seam easily provides the best weatherproofing of any system on the market, and has led to roof life cycles of over 50 years on many a Butler Building.

The MR-24 Panel Clip is essential for adaptability

What’s in a clip? Well, with the Butler MR-24 Metal Roof System, a lot of ingenuity goes into one of the unsung heroes of the assembly. MR-24 Panel clips are designed to allow give back-and-forth, effectively allowing the roof to expand and contract along with temperature fluctuations. This tolerance for movement prevents stress at clips, fasteners, and splices, and further contributes to the MR-24’s stellar wind uplift ratings and overall longevity.

Staggered Panels for Complete Protection

Butler MR-24 Roof Systems stagger adjacent panels splices. This eliminates common challenges of installation such as sealing panels where 4 metal corners meet. The staggered design virtually eliminates leaks, creates neater and more effective lap details, and is a big contributor to the system’s overall superior performance.

Butler Buildings with a Butler Roof: Industry Leader for Good Reason

Besides the features above, the Butler MR-24 Roof System is comprehensive in its offerings. Seamed-in Gable Trim, Weathertight Roof Curbs, Flexible ridge designs and a system ability to accommodate up to R-35 insulations make the Butler MR-24 the most weatherproof, lifetime cost-effective, and flexible roof in the industry. Not just a metal roof, but the best metal roof system you can get.

Siwek is your Local Butler Builder

Our project managers have over 40 years of experience with Butler Building Systems, including the MR-24. Contact us today about your project or to find out more about our Butler offerings.

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